The 2014 and 2015 flock sire will be Santiam Valley Scorr Some Boos 4CM pictured above.  Boos is a small ram with beautiful white face markings which extends the length of black horns. I hope to get some white on lambs next spring.  50% down will reserve and hold the MNSBR registered lamb of your choice until weaned but don't wait long!  It's best to ship them when they're small!

We ship out of PDX


One 2012 large POLLED whether, medium mouflon color, looks like a pretty cocoa color fleece, butcher or use as lawn mower

One 2014 small SCURRED ram lamb, self colored caramel with white cap on his head, very pretty redish fleece, breeding quality

One 2014 medium HORNED ram lamb, dark grizzly grey faced mouflon color, dark brown fleece, breed or butcher

One 2011 proven ram Santiam Valley Scorr Some Boos 4CM (pictured above) will be for sale in spring of 2015.


Buy as a lawn mowing team or to butcher.   Registration is pending sale for all breeding rams.


E-mail or call (360)606-6222